The HECIS Annual Report is prepared and presented each year at our AGM held in March.

Our Management Committee (comprising of Executive and General members) is also elected at the AGM and serves for one year. Many committee members choose to stand for re-election at the AGM and we are extremely grateful for their support and contribution. Any HECIS members, parent/carers, child care industry staff and anyone with an interest in the services of HECIS can nominate to be elected at the AGM. We welcome all who are interested to join. (Further information can be obtained from the HECIS office)

Our 2020 Management Comittee here.

Our 2020 Annual report here

HECIS sets strategic directions for the service each year through an annual Strategic Plan. Preparation of this plan involves reviewing existing plan/implementation, consultations with our clients and review of surveys, and identifying key challenges, objectives and strategies for the coming period.

( Please note : During September 2017 Tracy Brown was appointed to the role of HECIS CoOrdinator) 


 Our 2018 Strategic Plan can be viewed here.



HECIS is committed to providing a quality Early Intervention Service and seeks feedback from users of our service (including families/carers and child care centres/agencies. We seek  information by surveys , annually and upon ceasing with HECIS service and by feedback and tracking complaints and achievements. The results of the surveys and any feedback given is incorporated into our annual plan and our general policies and procedures to better improve our service.


Our 2018 Surveys have been complied and the results can be viewed here to download the document.



We welcome your suggestions, feedback, complaint or concern, or input into our service


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HECIS proudly announces we hold a Statement of Verification complying with the NSW Disability Services Standards, awarded 28th February 2018.